They Expect You to Negotiate

When it’s time to talk offers (woo!), remember that they expect you to negotiate. It won’t make you look bad; in fact, what will make you look bad is not negotiating or not negotiating hard enough.

  • Don’t be afraid to say what matters to you – a title, a certain role, working with someone in particular. It’s easier to have these discussions up front.
  • If they wanted to hire you before negotiating, they probably still want to hire you post-negotiating. You are not nearly far enough along the aggressive/abrasive spectrum to need to worry about really turning people off.
  • Think about what you’re asking for from the firm’s perspective – what are they key hurdles to giving it to you? What are ways you could compromise to make it happen?
  • At the same time, don’t think so much that you talk yourself out of asking. You have to be willing to ask, and if it’s really the kind of place you want to work, they’ll be willing to listen.

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