Finding and Approaching Targets

You’ve worked hard to put yourself in positions where you’ll develop valuable networks, and you’ve put work into making good impressions and even building friendships. Lean on those network affiliations to source leads and to approach firms tactically.

  • Search Linkedin and alumni databases from all your past schools and employers for people who are now working at firms that may be of interest to you, and make a list.
  • Working the other way – if you find a company that looks interesting, chances are you’ll be able to find either someone with a shared background or someone who’s a friend of a friend to facilitate intros.
  • It’s fair to say that if you’re looking for intros, your peers will be too. Try to be as helpful as you possibly can in these instances.
  • In addition, try to also make time to follow up once you’ve made an intro for someone. This is a low-intensity way to maintain and deepen the relationship, and make it easier for you to be in touch in the future.

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