Personal Action Plan

My goal for this personal action plan is to get a job in consumer/retail investing. My ideal would be to work at a firm that makes early- and growth-stage investments in ecommerce businesses, but I’m also open to more traditional consumer & retail private equity. The most important factor for me is actually chemistry with the team; I know myself well enough at this stage to know that feeling like I “fit in” at a firm is one of, if not the, major determinants of success for me.

To achieve this goal I anticipate having to get through three major steps

  1. Identify companies in the space that I’d be interested in working at, and make contact with them
  2. Have conversations eventually leading up to an interview
  3. Negotiate offers, choose between options (hopefully if necessary) and accept an offer


Central to all of these is to ability to avoid procrastination – a huge problem for me that seems to have been getting worse. My answer to procrastination is to use a combination of motivational snippets from the course and to do something “productive” to procrastinate, also inspired by the course.

I wrote this as a series of blog posts to myself that I can browse instead of visiting some of my usual procrastination sites. The posts are “tagged” with the major themes from the course that apply, and each one is either very short or uses a bulleted list – both formats that hold my attention better.

Finally, I realized as I was writing these posts that I kept straying to the more general. A lot of what I write to myself for this job-related goal can be generalized to other tasks, and I’m hoping that I can use this page as motivation even after I’ve achieved my initial goal. So much of the advice to myself boils down to increasing agency, which I realized should be a key priority as soon as we discussed the concept in class. Getting my leverage inventory back and discussing those results in class only confirmed that hunch.


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